BIDNER "Car Plate 559"
litho 20"x25"   Opening BID  $75.  
  Judy Nicholson
ART for Awareness
THE JUDY NICHOLSON FOUNDATION FOR KIDNEY CANCER RESEARCH in partnership with dedicated professionals at MAYO CLINIC, FLORIDA - is pleased to offer a selection of framed and unframed original paintings and limited edition fine art editions from FLANAGAN / WolfGANG - below - being offered as donations with SILENT BID opportunity for those interested in participating.
-unframed art work
Golf & Tennis Collection
MARCEL"Best Friends" s/s 18"x22
Retail $250.      Opening BID: $100
BERYL COOK "Staircase" litho 16"x23"   Retail $950.  Opening BID: $500. 
DON HATFIELD "Maritime Memories" s/s
24"x22    Retail $600.  Opening BID $225
IMPIGLIA "Guests" serigraph  27"x20" 
ed:200         $1200/  BID $350
SUSAN JAMESON "Derwent Rainbow"
etch 16"x15" Retail $325.     BID $75.
SUSAN RIOS "Girl at Waves " LXI/C csg 
 28" x 35" Retail $1200.  Opening BID $600
McKNIGHT "Chora Terrace" s/s
 18"x16"    $750./  BID $250
SECUNDA Blue Stream s/s 24"30"
Retail $600.  Opening BID $150
 original Lithograph
30"x40" framed -  edition:
Gallery list $1,250. 
Opening Bid: $900.
BARBARA MUNNS   "Riverside Barn" etch
 9"x11"   Retail $200.  Opening BID: $150 
JAMES HUSSEY "The Enigma" litho 25"x29
Retail $250 /   BID $100
PHILIP SOLLY Balloon Race etch 22"x23"
Retail $200. Opening BID:$75
RADKO "Horizon" s/s 27"x20"
Retail $400.  Opening BID $200
IMAGE size noted in description -
BARBARA MUNNS "Falling Mill"
etch 11" x 19" Retail $150 BID $ 75. 
All checks may be payable to: The Judy Nicholson Foundation
Questions regarding ART WORK - Please call: 609-703-1442
 "Carol" and "Her Suiter"
E. Alexon, B.Henry & P.Gibson   2/7/13
Hope-Research-Cure  "An Evening of Motivation"
If you can't find them in the GANG - You probably don't need them.
"There is NO Scarcity of ART"
42 1/2 S. Roscoe Blvd.
Ponte Vedra, FL 32082
(904) 451-4149
(904) 465-7960
More info: Paula Gibson (772) 696-0027
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GANG Inventory
View: Beryl COOK
available images
All our original graphics are pencil signed and numbered
View: Will BARNET
available images
  1. MORANTE "En el Basque Retozando" 24"x36"
  2.  original oil Retail $2,700. Bid: $2,200
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Collectors CORNER
ART Restoration
View:McCombs Etchings
View:McCombs Watercolors
View: Beryl Cook OFFSETS
View: FOLON- More Images
GALININ "Sharpei" ap 14/30 csg
30.5"x36.5" serigraph $800/ BID $400
SAM PARK "Montmarte" serigraph on canvas
38"x31.75" 227/329 csg $2500/ BID $1250
OKU "My Life Guard" orig serigraph
1/190 csg 22"x28" $600/ BID $300
OKU "A Clear Day" orig serigraph
26"x17.5" ed:250 $400/. BID $175
OKU "After Practice" orig serigraph
20"x20" $450 - BID $200
Bruce McCOMBS original Watercolor
20"x28" csg BID: $1500.
 FAIRCHILD etching 66/385 csg
 "Everything I can See"19"x27" sheet
Gallery list $ $1500. BID $900
View: FAIRCHILD Images
"East River Girl" 59/100
embossed etching 13"x27.5"
Gallery List $1450. BID: $800
Edwina SANDYS "Reclining Nude" lithograph ed: 16"x23" $450. BID $150.
View: Edwina Sandys info/images
FOLON original serigraph csg
189/200 26.5"x21", 34"x31"fr. 1500/800
Thomas Pradzynki
"Cour de Commerce"
 csg serigraph 124/200 18"x10.5" 850/400
Eyvind Earle "Homage to Planet Earth " 114/350
serigraph csg 22.5"x16.75" $850/ BID $450
Douglas Hoffman "Salon du Cent" 20.5"x27" csg
 lithos 172/300 ( 66/100 delux) $1500./ BID $ 800
Robichon "Passage St. Antone"
serigraph AP 18"x22.75" $400/ BID $250
Beryl COOK offset csg
"Strip Poker" 13"x22"
 $550/ BID $250
Robichon "Impasse" 32/550 csg
serigraph 26"x16" $400/ BID $250
View: Eyvind Earle Bio.
Jan Balet "ladies Matinee" litho 18"x14" $650/ BID $150.
Jan Balet "Brother's Dougherty"
 litho 18"x14" $650./ BID $150.
Jan Balet "In Search of Happiness" litho 20"x24" $1000./ BID $450.
View: Douglas Hoffman Bio/Info
View: Don Hatfield Bio/Info
Edwina Sandys "Double Vision" litho
22"x31" ed:100 $800./ BID $375.
Edwina Sandys "Literary Horse" litho
20"x27" ed:250 $800./ BID $200
View: Max PAPART
Additional Images
Nieto "Buffalo" serigraph csg
117/195 32"x26" $600/ BID $350
View: Impiglia info/Bio
View: RIOS Info/Bio
Peter Heard "Another Missed Tiddler"
seri.ed:300, 21.5"x25" $450./ BID $250.
View: Peter Heard Bio/Info
Peter Heard "Mixed Doubles: ed:300 seri, 21.5"x25", $450./ BID $250
Howard Behrens "Reflections of Venice" csg
30"x38" serigraph XCVIII/CXV $900/ BID $500
LIM "Hot Chocolate" serigraph
ed:275 24"x20" $300./ BID $100.
Rene Gruau "La Femme au Jaune" litho 86/300 csg 35"x48.5" $3500/ BID $1250
View: Rene Gruau Bio/Info
Beryl Cook "A Full House" ed:650 csg 18"x16" Offset $650 / BID $350
View: Beryl Cook - OFFSETS
View: Beryl Cook - additional images
Beryl Cook "A Bird in Hand" litho
 21"x26" ed: 300 $1,250./ BID $500.
View: Pradzynki
Viktor Shvaiko "Colors of Italy" 28"x42"
Original Serigraph on Canvas 97/325 csg
retail $ 1850/ BID $950.
Mark King "Sailing" 33"x27" ed:300
Original Serigraph $1250./ BID $500.
View: Bonnefoit Bio
View: more MARCEL
View: Robert Vickery Bio
Original serigraph approx 18"x24"
$250/ BID100

 14"x 34"
 BID $350.
Robert Vickery "Unexpected Visitor"
Litho $600/ BID $200
EYVIND EARLE "Homage to Planet Earth" csg
22.5x16.75" serigraph 114/350 $850. / BID $450.
42 1/2 S. Roscoe Blvd.
Ponte Vedra, FL 32082
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