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      "Collecting is FUN,
  Ownership can be boring"
               Karl Lagerfeld
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Sitting in Silence builds confidence and gives us a different way of looking or feeling
about something that might be complicated. It encourages positive exploration for
identity and expression. By providing a space for stillness for self-expression we are
building community with like-mindedness - AND - open-mindedness. YOU can be
anything you want to be in art, YOU are given a new voice. YOU can create change.
MEDITATION for interested Artists, Collectors and Aliens:
SILENCE, the letting go of thoughts
STILLNESS, the letting go of desires
SIMPLICITY, the letting go of self-analysis
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Will BARNET "Summer Idyll" 1976 original sergraph
 Soul Life presents THE GOODNESS TOUR in Jacksonville
 All Proceeds benefiting the CHILD'S GUIDANCE CENTER
Art work in progress
5776 Saint Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL May 5, 2019
Chez Leeby, Ph.D
             WolfGANG mozART
          42 1/2 South Roscoe Blvd.
      Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Hours open: Monday - Friday 1:30 Saturday 7am - Sunday 7am
We are in steps of putting our community together in SIMPLICITY,
                Please join us in the SILENCE and STILLNESS
Contact us for more details.
WolfGANG - (904) 451-4149
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Whitney Biennial
 2019 Exhibition
                                                     WHITNEY Biennial --------------------- from Wikipedia
The WHITNEY BIENNIAL ia biennial exhibition of contemporary American art, typically by young and lesser known artists on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, United States. The event began as an annual exhibition in 1932, the first biennial was 1973. The Whitney show is generally regarded as one of the leading shows in the art world, often setting or leading trends in contemporary art. It helped bring artists like Georgia O'Keefe, Jackson Pollack and Jeff Koons to prominence
Born 1982 in Washington, DC
Lives in Baltimore, MD
The Whitney Biennial is an unmissable event for anyone interested in finding out what's happening in art today. Curators Jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley have been visiting artists over the past year in search of the most important and relevant work. Featuring seventy-five artists and collectives working in painting, sculpture, installation, film and video, photography, performance and sound, the Biennial takes the pulse of the contemporary artistic moment. Introduced by the Museum's founder Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1932, the Biennial is the longest running exhibition in the country to chart the latest developments in American art.
Born 1965 in Verdun, France
Lives in Brooklyn, NY
Born 1984 in Philadelphia, PA
Lives in New York, NY
Born 1988 in San Francisco, CA
Lives in Los Angeles, CA
Born 1977 in Torrance, CA
Lives in Portland, OR
Born 1987 in Columbia, MD
Lives in New York, NY
National Anthem
Installation view
THE GOODNESS TOUR is a non-profit organization founded by the band LUC and the LOVINGTONS. Dedicated to bringing free music and art experiences to people facing adversity all over the world, the tour travels to refugee camps, disaster zones, homeless shelters, hospitals, disability centers, youth crisis shelters and anywhere that humans are in need of trauma relief and encouragement.

They first offer live interactive concerts that seek to instigate creativity in the community, then provide longterm courses in song, writing, art, filmmaking and mural making. through these extensive projects they are creating a legacy of artistic products (Songs, Videos, Live Paintings and Murals) to raise funds, awareness and support for the communities in need.

Through donations, crowdfunding, sponsorships and other means , THE GOODNESS TOUR brings the power of music and art to humans that might never get it. Wether it is one person in a hospital bed or 40,000 refugees in a camp, THE GOODNESS TOUR is dedicated to reaching humans on the front lines of great adversity.

   Visit: www.thegoodnesstour.org Website
Sponsorship evening event hosted by
Chez and Doug Leeby of Ponte Vedra
Fundraiser May 4, 2019
Soul Life Website
Luc and the Lovingtons
performing poolside May 4, 2019
WHITNEY Biennial Exhibition 2019