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Original Oils
(1913 - 2009)
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AN EXHIBITION of paintings and etchings from Balet's estate brought back by Norman Henry from Worb,
Switzerland after Jan's death in 2009.

FLANAGAN exhibited this retrospective of Balet's work
along with Barbara's sculpture - In addition the letters that the Henry's had saved from him acknowledging their association as trusted friends of over 30 years.

We have the largest known collection of Balet's original paintings, etchings and lithographs
  "Balet and Barbara"
at FLANAGAN Gallery
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WolfGANG mozART Studio
VIEW: "The Endless Summer Group" - JAN BALET featured
Jan BALET - "In Search of Happiness" orig litho
30"x22" - 23.5"x19.5 - csg'13 - 272/300
Jan BALET "Brothers Dougherty"
orig litho csg"13 -
270/300 (unframed)
framed - 30.5"x27" -
 image 17.5"x13.5" 111/300 csg'13
Jan BALET "Butterfly Collector" orig litho
30"x22" - 23.5"x19.5" csg'13 - 136,137/300
"Hamlet and Ophelia"
 orig litho
30"x22" - 23.5"x19.5"
 csg'13 - 144/300
Jan BALET "Lady Chatterly's Chauffeur" orig litho
29.5"x23.5" - 22"x19 1/4" csg'13 63/300
Jan BALET "The Senator" orig litho
22"x30.5" - 18"x24" csg'13- 9,10/300
Jan BALET "Picnic in 3/4's Time" orig litho
30"x22" - 23.5"x19.5" csg'13 - 184/300
Jan BALET "Chamber Music" orig litho
25.5"x19.5" - 15 3/4"x19.5" csg'13 95/300
Jan BALET "Croquet" orig litho
csg'13 141/300
Jan BALET "New Shoes"
 9/100 etching
21"x15.5" - 12.5"x11"
Jan BALET "Honeymoon" orig litho
30"x22" - 23.5"x19.5" csg'13- 64,277,285/300
Jan BALET "By The Sea"
 orig litho
30"x22" - 23 3/4"x19.5"
 csg'13 225/300
Jan BALET "Grand Hotel" orig litho
csg'13 - 169/300
Jan BALET "Joes Bar" orig litho
25.5"x19.5" - 17.5"x13.5" csg'13 196/300
Jan BALET "3X8=8"
27/100 etching
21"x15.5" - 11"x13.5"
Jan BALET orig litho 274/300 csg'13
Jan BALET "Quintet" orig litho 30"x22" - 23.5"x19.5"
78,97,98,100,107/300 csg'13
Jan BALET "Herald Tribune" orig litho 52/300 csg'13
11.5"x15.5" - fr 24.5"x29.5"
Jan BALET "Winter in Venice" orig litho
fr 40.5"x32.5" image 27.5"x19 3/4" 8/300 csg'13
original oil available MHL
Jan BALET "Let's f_ _ance" etching
fr 23.5"x20.5" - image 12.5"x9 1/4" signed/ no # csg'13
Jan BALET "Once Upon a Clara" etching
fr 22.5"x19" image 12.5"x9 1/4" 12/100 csg'13
Jan BALET "The Widow of the Poet" etching
fr 29"x24" - image 9"x12" VII/XXX csg'13
Jan BALET "The Marines Have Almost Landed" etching
fr 20.5"x23.5" image 12.5"x9" 36/100 csg'13
Jan BALET "Trumpet Muse" etching
fr 23.5"x17.5" - image 17"x11" 23/100 csg'13
Jan BALET "A Little Night Time Music" etching
fr 23.5"x20.5" image 12 3/4"x9 3/4" XVIII/XXX csg'13
Jan BALET "Orpheus Ascending"
orig litho 4/300 csg'13
fr 26.5"x33" image 18"x23.5"
Jan BALET "Mutual Feelings" etching
fr 18.5"x15" 6.5"x4.5" image XIV/XXX csg'13
fr 17"x13" - 6.5"x4.5" image XVI/XXX csg'13
Jan BALET "Herald Tribune" original drawing/painting
fr 20"x17.5" - 9"x12" image csg'13
Jan BALET "Tight Fit" original drawing/painting
fr 18"x20" - 9.5"x12 image csg'13
Jan BALET ""Spring Training" original drawing/painting
fr 14.5"x17" - 5"x6.5" image csg'13