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Pictured from left to right: Rita DeStephano, Barbara Henry, Carol Lipson, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Edwina Sandys and Norman Henry
Norman and Michael Carney at The Carlyle Hotel, NYC
Edwina and Herb Lipson enjoying the party.
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Edwina Sandys
WolfGANG mozART Studio
VIEW: Opulence Magazine of South Florida
Featuring - Edwina SANDYS "Double Vision"
Grandaughter of Winston Churchill, Edwina lives in Manhatten, winters
in Palm Beach and has placed her sculpture around the world - including
in front of the prestigeous United Nations Building, Second Ave, NYC.

We are indeed fortunate to have had no less than a 1,000 of her original
lithographs, each one pulled, signed and numbered by the artist herself.
Pictured below are some images of our inventory which are included in the
permanent collection of The Tate Britain, London, U.K.
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