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      "Collecting is FUN,
  Ownership can be boring"
               Karl Lagerfeld
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Sitting in Silence builds confidence and gives us a different way of looking or feeling
about something that might be complicated. It encourages positive exploration for
identity and expression. By providing a space for stillness for self-expression we are
building community with like-mindedness - AND - open-mindedness. YOU can quiet
your mind, stop running, catch your breath , relax, breathe and listen. Namaste
SILENCE, the letting go of thoughts
STILLNESS, the letting go of desires
SIMPLICITY, the letting go of self-analysis
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Whitney Biennial
 2019 Exhibition
                                                 MALBA --------------------- from Wikipedia
The MALBA is an unmissable activity for anyone visiting Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.

It is one of the many museums of the city that we have been able to share with others, time and again
This past summer exhibition of LEANDRO ERLICH was a must see.

After the presentation of "Liminal", Leandro Erlich's first retrospective in America it was continued in the MALBA. "La Pileta" (1999) one of Erlich's most recognized works internationally, which the artist presented in 2001 representing Argentina at the Biennial of Venice became the object of curiosity in the VENDE (for sale) sign displayed on the MALBA.

The fact that we look at the ordinary - a swimming pool - an elevator - a classroom - and our perspective shifts is a magnetic pull to the artists vision and is fun to experience.
Marianne Chapel-Junker
Costantini Collection visited by:
Elizabeth Hyman, Anne McCabe , Pam Henry
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
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Soul Life Website
  visit: MALBA website
Created by Argentine businessman Eduardo Costantini, the museum is operated by the not-for-profit Fundacion MALBA - Costantini, and was inaugurated on Sept 21, 2001. The institution was organized around the Costantini Collection, and has continued to expand its selection of works from modern artists across Latin America. It also maintains a cultural center, which stages art and film exhibitions and developes cultural activities. The museum receives over a million visitors annually , and is sustained by over 1,400 active patrons.
Visited by: Dr. s Victoria and John Moore-Gillen - London, England
more about: LEANDRO ERLICH